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Nestled between Romania and Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova declared its independence on 27 August 1991 and became a candidate country for joining the European Union (EU) in 2022.   

With a population of about three million people and Romanian as its official language, Moldova is a dynamic democracy that has consistently demonstrated its commitment to being a member of the free world and a trusted democratic partner.  

Moldova has a pro-European president, government, and parliament, and is working towards deeper political and economic integration with the EU. The country aims to become an EU member state within a decade.   

Moldova is committed to eradicating corruption and promoting transparency in all aspects of government and business. 

It is actively reforming its judicial system to ensure a fair and impartial justice. In addition, Moldova is cutting red tape, reorienting its exports to the EU single market, investing in innovation and R&D, opening up towards foreign investment and leveraging its talent in winemaking, agriculture and tech. 

The country boasts a rich history of wine production, which accounts for 3% of Moldova’s GDP. Skilled winemakers embrace indigenous grape varieties and artfully craft new blends by combining European and local varieties. The traditional savoir-faire coupled with innovative approach has propelled Moldovan wines towards international acclaim.

Moldova's tech scene is equally thriving, with the IT sector also accounting for 3% of GDP and recording an impressive 45% growth in 2022. Moldova is agile and focused on rapid and inclusive digital transformation across sectors, boasting a vibrant start-up ecosystem. The country is the birthplace of several unicorns, such as the IT leader Endava, listed on the NYSE.

Moldova has demonstrated persistence and resilience in overcoming trade blockages, embargoes, and most recently, gas blackmail.   

Additionally, the country has shown remarkable solidarity with Ukrainian refugees since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began over a year ago. The international community has widely recognized Moldova's efforts to provide humanitarian aid and temporary shelter to those in need, and the compassion and empathy of Moldovans in the face of a humanitarian crisis have earned the country the reputation of being a "small country with a big heart."   

Looking to the future, Moldova aims to become a trusted trade, development, and political partner of the Western world, and has implemented reforms to promote economic growth and strengthen democratic institutions.